FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost?

Every project is unique so to get a quote, you can send your plans to info@iambuilders.com.  General price ranges for smaller projects can run in the $200-300, mid-sized projects can be in the $400-600 range, and large projects $1000+.


What is your hourly rate?

Our pricing is based on a per-project basis, not hourly.  Our estimates are perfect for busy contractors that need an “On-Demand” estimate completed.  Most contractors bid only a few projects per month and our pricing tends to be more affordable than hiring a full time in-house estimator.


Can I see examples?

Yes!  Visit our Featured Estimates page to see examples of estimates we’ve done for other clients.  You’ll see examples for Developers, General Contractors, Subcontractors, Architects, Residential Projects, Drywall and Framing, Painting, and more!


What is your turn around or delivery time?

For most projects our delivery is between 6-9 business days.  Occasionally larger or more complex projects may take 8-10 or 10-12 business days. We always quote you an estimated timeframe before starting. If you have a rush project needed sooner than 6 days, let us know your bid date and we’ll try to accommodate, or add a small expedite fee to cover overtime costs with a guaranteed date.


What software do you use for estimating?

We use digital takeoff software to perform our quantities and a proprietary software to prepare and finalize the assemblies and pricing.  Our labor and material pricing comes from Craftsman National Construction Estimator Database Suite which is updated multiple times per year, and pricing is based on your project’s zip code so your bid will be as accurate and competitive as possible.


Where do you get your prices from?

We get our pricing from Craftsman National Construction Estimator Database Suite which is updated multiple times per year, and pricing is based on your project’s zip code so your bid will be as accurate and competitive as possible.


What types of estimates do you do?

We specialize in Commercial, Residential, and Industrial projects.  We perform estimates for Remodeling, New Construction, High Rises, Multifamily, Restaurants, Mixed-Use Retail and Residential, Warehouses, and more!  We do estimates for General Contractors, Subcontractors, Developers, Architects, Owners, Lenders/Banks, Appraisers, Insurance Companies, and more.


What if I don’t have plans for the project?

That’s ok too.  We can estimate the costs of projects based on quantities you give us or sketches.


Can you do estimates if the drawings are not completed?

Yes!  We work with Architects, Developers, and Owners frequently in the early planning and design stages.  If you have preliminary drawings, or an idea of what you would like to build, our team can estimate the cost of construction so you can make educated purchasing and design decisions.


How do I send you the plans for the project?

We make it easy to send us your plans.  You can send them to us in any of the following ways:

  1. You can email the plans and trades you would like to bid to info@iambuilders.com
  2. You can email us your Invitation to Bid Email to info@iambuilders.com with the trades you would like to bid.
  3. You can upload through our Dropbox by visiting:  www.iambuilders.com/upload


What payment methods to you accept?

We use secure Quickbooks Online Payments where you can easily pay with your Credit Card.  Once you send us your plans, we’ll send you a Quickbooks Invoice prior to starting for you and your team to review.  If you choose to proceed, you can easily make a payment through your Desktop, Mobile Phone, or you can call us directly to process the payment.  You can reach us at: (305) 433-6432.


How accurate are your estimates?

Our estimates are very accurate and based on your project’s zip code so your pricing will be accurate and competitive.  Our estimates are designed as guidelines for you to finalize pricing so you’ll be able to make your final adjustments with the Excel Spreadsheet we send you.  You can adjust Supervision, Equipment, Profit, and manually override any of our estimated pricing.  Our labor and material costs come from Craftsman National Construction Estimator Database which is updated several times per year so pricing is current and up to date and takes into account price changes due to inflation, natural disasters, shortages on materials, tariffs, import/export taxes, and changes in labor demand.


What guarantees do you offer?

Our estimates are designed to be guidelines to help you with final pricing and not intended to be final pricing.  Because our estimates are for informational purposes, we do not offer an additional insurance or financial guarantees or warranties.  However, we are always available to review and make adjustments, and clarify any questions you may have.  We are here to work together on finalizing your pricing.

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