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Commercial construction estimating requires a different caliber of experience and precision.  We’ve estimated over $600+ million for our clients in all industries.  A large percentage of that comes from commercial construction.  Our typical types of projects include:

  • Interior buildouts
  • Commercial new construction
  • Restaurants
  • Office Buildings
  • Warehouse projects
  • and more


I AM Builders is a licensed General Contractor specializing in estimating and consulting for our clients.  We bring you the power of a large estimating department without the large overhead.

Designed for Commerical Contractors, Developers, Lenders, Owners, and Architects.  

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Running a commercial construction company is going to demand a large of your time supervising your jobs and meeting new clients.  Our solution is designed to keep you free to run your business without the stress of estimating and meeting deadlines.


Highly Accurate Estimates

For our estimates, we use a construction cost database designed for commercial projects called National Construction Estimator.  The pricing is based on the zip code, so local labor and material pricing will be highly accurate to your project’s area.

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Architects and designers are constantly designing, and redesigning work after projects comes in over-budget.  It’s critical for commerical architects and designers to have a tool to aide them during the design process to avoid a ton of rework.  We can create progress estimates for you.


Budget Creation

Our team will take your Schematic or Design Development drawings and prepare a budget estimate that can be periodically updated as design decisions are made.

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When working on larger projects or obtaining financing from lenders or investors, it’s critical to have accurate cost estimates.


Commerical Preliminary Cost Estimates

Commerical Developers are in a unique position where they need to determine sometimes before plans are even produced or finalized.  That’ where we come in.   Because we’ve estimated more than $650 million in projects for our clients, we have the expertise and historical data to prepare preliminary pricing very early on in the planning.


Pre-Construction Final Estimates

Once you’ve finalized your construction drawings, you’ll soon start receiving bids from GCs or Subcontractors.  How do you know their pricing is at market value?  Better yet, how can you negotiate down those prices?

Our commerical pre-construction estimates are an invaluable tool that’ll show you where pricing should be at so you can negotiate and compare pricing.  It’ll also let you know if you need to redesign certain aspects of your project before it’s too late.

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