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Construction Estimating Services

Designed for Contractors, Developers, Lenders, Owners, and Architects.

Estimating projects shouldn’t be hard. Our team of seasoned estimators will estimate the cost of your project with a high degree of accuracy. We use a top of the line cost database to calculate the costs on your job based on the zip code. The accuracy is typically within 1% of final construction costs.


Our goal is to help you estimate and bid projects so you can focus on running your business. Our solution is designed for busy contractors that are busy supervising jobs during the day, are having trouble keeping up with bids, or need expert help with estimating projects to make sure no money is being left on the table.

Highly Accurate

Since we ourselves are a Contractor, we know what goes into cost estimating. We understand field conditions that affect pricing and how negotiations take place after the bid is placed.

Bid Management
and Consulting

We are more than just an Estimating Firm. Our team helps contractors with the getting more leads, management of bids, consulting and tips to improve contract awards. Since we work nationwide with our Estimating Service, we get to know what other contractors are doing that works.

Generate More Leads

Our Consulting team will help you find more leads. We’ve developed some of the simplest and most effective strategies to help our contractor and subcontractor clients find more leads.


When working on larger projects or obtaining financing from lenders or investors, it’s critical to have accurate cost estimates.

Preliminary Cost

Our team can develop Preliminary Estimates before investing a lot of time and money into a project to make better design and business decisions. We work with basic Construction Drawings or even sketches.

Pre-Construction Final

Before starting construction it’s important to verify the bids being submitted by your contractors and subcontractors to avoid being overcharged, and to prevent tactics like front loading and unnecessary change orders.

Owner/Builder or Investors

Do you need to know if an investment is worth starting? Our analysis will review the project and give estimated pricing of a project before submitting for financing, obtaining vendor quotes, and to verify budgets to make correct investment purchasing decisions.

Architects & Designers

As an Architect or Designer, creating a budget for a project is one of the smartest business decisions a designer can make.
If a project doesn’t meet a client’s budget, you’ll have to go back and redesign certain parts of the project that often times are performed without being able to charge the client.
Avoid days and weeks of wasted design hours that affect your bottom line by obtaining a budget.

Budget Creation

Our team will take your Schematic or Design Development drawings and prepare a budget estimate that can be periodically updated as design decisions are made.

Save Hours of Unnecessary Design Time

Don’t design and then have to go back and redo a ton of work because the costs don’t fit your client’s schedule. The cost of one estimate will more than pay for itself by saving hundreds of hours of unpaid redesign time.

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