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Our Complete Solution takes your projects from the Sketch or Schematic Stage all the way through Construction and Move-in!

By coordinating the design with the construction phase there are significant advantages from traditional construction.

  • Cost Savings by coordinating common design and construction challenges.
  • Faster Construction by allowing us to start building before the final design is achieved.
  • Design on the Fly and make changes quickly.


You have a vision for your project.  Our design team can take your vision from start to construction.  Here is the typical design process:

Initial Design/Inspiration

We first meet with you and discuss your project requirements and your vision.  We’ll take notes and create a “Mood Presentation” where we create a theme for your project based on what you’re looking for.

Sketch/Schematic Design

For the next step, we create some basic drawings and renderings for your review.  We start looking at things like layout, preliminary finishes, and space planning.  At the end of this step we should have the general layout and some design features selected.

Budget Preparation

Next we prepare a preliminary budget for your project.  This will help us make better design decisions in the upcoming stage.  We’ll present you with options and alternatives so we can stick within your budget.

Design Development

Once we have the basic design and budget approved by you, we’ll move on to the Design Development stage where we finalize all design related details.  In the earlier stages we may have decided where some Accent Walls or Custom Woodwork goes, but this stage we actually create the final designs for your review.

Construction Drawings

Once you’re happy with the final design, we take a second look at the budget and make sure everything is still on target.  The final stage is producing final Construction Drawings for permits.  Here we add the necessary information for the City or County plan reviewers to check the drawings for conformance with the Florida Building Code, Structural, and local city/town requirements.  Once the drawings are approved, we move on to construction.

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Once the design is complete and permits issued we can officially start construction.  The Construction Stage begins by presenting you a final cost and schedule for construction.  At this point we review any final changes you might want to make, finalize contracts, start date, and final schedule.  Once we are approved to get started, we schedule and coordinate our team.

Final Cost and  Schedule

Before starting construction, with final permits approved by the Building Department, we prepare a final cost and schedule.  At this point you will have some time to make changes if needed.  We’ll talk about things like scheduling and start dates before getting started.


Now that all the details have been decided, we can proceed to start building your project.  Our Management team will schedule and coordinate with our subcontractors all aspects of construction.  We’ll have weekly or biweekly meetings with you to review progress and keep you involved with the process.  You’ll be able to see your vision becoming reality.

Punch out

At end of construction we walk the project with you and make any necessary corrections before turning over the space to you.  This is called a “Punch List” where we make a final list of corrections.  These are typically small things like touch-ups, aligning outlets, etc.


We warranty all projects for minimum One Year.  You’ll never have to worry about issues like leaking plumbing, air conditioning not working, etc.  We back our work with 100% Guarantee on labor and materials.

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