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how to market a construction business

20 Proven Methods to Market a Construction Business

Every construction business exists because of 1 thing.   Revenue.   How do you generate revenue?   By selling projects. And how do you get to a position where you can sell projects?   By having great marketing and a…

lead gen sites for construction

5 Sites That Will Get Your Construction Company Leads

  Every contractor wishes they could get the best, most qualified leads handed to them, but sadly, that’s rarely the case.   Getting high-quality leads for your construction business is going to require a lot of work.   But you…

hire a contractor

Key Strategies to Hire a Quality Contractor for 2020

  Hiring a quality contractor, believe it or not, takes a very specific strategy that if you don’t understand can lead to disasters!   I might have exaggerated a bit, but by working in construction for so long, I’ve seen…