social media for home builders

It’s no secret home building is one of the most lucrative businesses out there, but how much more lucrative can it get if you use social media as a marketing tool?


The truth is, most home builders are leaving a lot of money on the table.


And after seeing many of our clients struggle with this aspect of their business, we felt it was time to pull back the curtains and show you how to really allow your social media to bring you business like clockwork.


Let’s dive in.




1. Offer Value in Exchange for Contact Info from Potential Home-Buyers


To simplify this into 4 words:


Build a Lead Magnet


In case you aren’t familiar with this concept, it’s the idea that giving people irresistible free gifts is the best way to start a sales process.  For example, if you want to build homes and sell them, then a good lead magnet would be something like;


“5 Myths About Buying a Home No One Ever Talks About and No Real Estate Agent Wants You to Know!”


The idea here is to give genuine value to people for free that they just can’t pass up and also to get them to identify themselves as being your targeted audience that you want to sell your homes to.


No more trying to force random people to make one of the most important purchases of their lives, with this concept, you’re having them come to you.


And in order to receive the lead magnet, a prospect must give nothing more than their contact info.  This gives you an invaluable list of emails and phone numbers of people interested in what you have to offer that you can reach out to later with special offers.


That’s the key here, and with most home builders simply posting pictures of their new houses on Facebook, there’s a lot of opportunities out there to shift your local market.




2. Give Advice for Free on Facebook


Yes, I am openly advocating for every home builder to whip out their phone and start recording themselves and their clients more.


It’s 2020, and all signs are pointing to influencer marketing becoming the go-to marketing channel. In other words, people are gravitating more to people, instead of businesses.


This means every business needs a face if they want a chance to stay afloat in the increasingly noisy market, and home builders are no different.


And what better way to build your personal brand than through the biggest platform on the planet?


Simply recording yourself in the car or at a job site giving real value to your audience can go a long way, I’ve never heard of a home builder who went out of business for having a great reputation.


IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that Facebook has notoriously cracked down on the reach of business pages. Only about 1-2% of the average audience is estimated to actually view the content. Don’t let this discourage you though, because advertising on the platform still works like a charm.  And when people click on your profile after seeing your ads, having great content will definitely help your business have more credibility.  So, even if absolutely nobody sees your content (which won’t happen), you’re still contributing to your brand.  


Also, be sure to reach out to video editors who can polish up and professionalize any video content you put out on Facebook.




3. Advertise for Free on Instagram


Instagram is not the same platform as Facebook, so be sure you aren’t viewing or treating them the same.


First off, the organic reach on Instagram is much better than on Facebook, so people seeing your content shouldn’t be a problem.


While Facebook is a great place for building your reputation as an expert in the home-building industry, I’d recommend you use Instagram as a showcase of the beautiful homes you have to offer.


Remember that these aren’t ads you’re paying Instagram to run; these are completely free pieces of content I encourage you to post 1-2 times a week.  A great example of this comes from some home-builders down the street from us:



Lennar shows examples of the houses they’ve built and gives buyers a sneak peek of what their home is going to resemble. That’s powerful and it can also be leveraged for building a brand.


Instagram is a showroom designed for you to show off what you’re about. These posts have to be as attractive as possible because this is one of the places people are going to look at when they’re seriously considering buying a home from you and need to do more research.


They want the social proof to reassure themselves they’re making a good choice.


Consider hiring a social media marketing agency to assist you in growing your Instagram account (more on that later), but if you want to tackle it on your own, then go for it.




4. Combine Facebook and Instagram on LinkedIn


LinkedIn has a more business feel.


People don’t browse their timeline for purely entertainment purposes like Facebook, people are on there to advance their professional career.


With everyone in a button-up environment, it’s a gold mine for businesses to build both their personal brand AND showcase their work. Yes, we’re blending Instagram and Facebook together and making that our LinkedIn profile. This is what I’ve noticed has worked the best for companies on this platform.


LinkedIn also has fantastic organic reach, which means that your posts reach more people, especially when you add hashtags to the bottom.


There are many more social media platforms to put out content in, but for a home-builder, I’d recommend giving these 3 platforms laser focus and maximizing them as much as you possibly can. 


So with that being said, go get creative and put out some great content!


Still not sure on what content to post, or even how to post it? I have exactly what you need in Strategy #10.


Keep reading to find out!




5. Offer Finance Packages


If there’s one thing customers love, it’s taking advantage of a good deal.


The thrill of saving money and furthering your relationship with the company that gave you the deal is something many businesses strive for.


If you’re a rookie to the home-building game that’s serious about growing your company and you don’t yet have a finance package, let this be the call to action to pick up the phone and start calling lenders and cutting a deal.


On the flip side, if you do already offer a finance package, then you need to start selling it.


I know, extremely obvious, but if you set up a series of ads on Facebook starting with the lead magnet mentioned at the beginning of this article, and then offering finance packages soon after it to only the people interested in buying a home…


You wouldn’t believe the results.


Again, if you don’t know how to run Facebook ads, then I recommend hiring a freelancer or agency to help you. It’s best to get a seasoned professional on the job to help you.




6. Engage with Your Audience on Facebook


Earlier in this piece, we went over creating content on your social media pages, and now we’re going to go over engaging with the people interacting with your content.


We’ll focus on Facebook for now. If you follow the strategies in this article, then you should have content steadily coming on to your page, and hopefully, an audience that’s engaging with your content.


It’s important to always take time out of your day and simply talk to, reply, or like comments under your posts. This can be time-consuming but it’s a necessary task if you want any chance to build your business up on social media.




7. Engage with Your Audience on Instagram


Very similar to Facebook… with a small twist.


You’re going to want to react to as many comments as possible, but I’m also going to throw you a curveball here and advise you to personally go out to the accounts of the people who engage with your content and simply leave a like or 2 on their page or if they’re a potential client, comment on a post.


That’s it.


When you’re genuine like that, you create goodwill as a brand, and you can later leverage that to increase your revenue.


That’s how you win long term.




8. Engage with Your Audience on LinkedIn


Like and reply to every comment under your posts.


Also, similar to engaging with your audience on Instagram, you’re going to want to comment on other people’s posts.


Yes, it’s that painfully simple.


Right about now you might be thinking, “Ok Daniel that’s all great, but how is this actually going to boost my revenue?”


Well, I already hinted to my answer in the strategy just above this one. Branding is critical for any business, but especially in ones that are built on large financial transactions.


People want to be confident that they’re making the right choice, that they’re buying a home from a company that they like and trust.


Branding does that. So when you put good content out there giving value to potential clients, and then engage with your audience in a friendly way without asking for anything in return, this creates trust and builds relationships in a world where skepticism is so incredibly high.


Doing that consistently over time will do more than just “boost revenue” but build a business that lasts and will provide income for years to come.


Brand is everything.




9. Put Important Links in your Posts


Be sure to link to important pages on your website on your posts, this is a very basic tactic, but it’s often overlooked so let this be a reminder for you to do that.




10. Document Your Day to Build Brand


This is the secret to scaling your content push.


Instead of constantly having to think of new things to post, I recommend you just go about your normal day and give value to people through your activities.


Let me explain this through a practical example, let’s say you’re a relatively successful home builder, you’re hitting $5M in revenue a year and you want to grow.  So, you decide you want to start going hard at creating content on social media to build a bigger brand and reach more potential clients.


How do you accomplish this?  By bringing as much value as possible to the marketplace. In other words, documenting interesting things that happen throughout your day that you believe will genuinely help people.


Some examples would be like:

  • You run into a complication on the job site and you want to tell people how to avoid it.
  • You’re dealing with a poor contractor on a remodeling job, so you decide to record a video of yourself explaining what not to look for in a contractor.




Do you see the main theme? You’re using your busy workday to fuel your content creation on social media.


And this content push will give you the social proof necessary for people to trust you, thus growing your home-building company.




11. Reach Out to Contractors in Your Area


I’m going to show you exactly how you get a list of qualified, great contractors to work with.


First, you’re going to head on over to Houzz, and hover over “Find Professionals”,



And then click on the trade you’re searching for. In this example, we’re going to check out Swimming Pool Contractors.




Now, change the location to where you’re operating and change the distance to “Within 25 Miles” and voila.


You now have a long list of contractors to reach out to and connect with.


Yes, it’s that simple.


That’s because the hard part is to reach out to each one with an invitation to bid on your jobs.


And the best part?


It’s completely free.




12. Hire a Social Media Marketing Agency


Instead of trying to figure out how to use social media, why don’t you stick to doing what you do best and let a group of hungry millennials take it all off your hands?


When you hire a social media marketing agency, it means they’re going to manage all your content and your advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.


Of course, with such a massive weight taken off your shoulders, the cost of such a service will reflect that, so here are some of my personal tips on what to look for when hiring an agency.


1. See how they handle their marketing.

If they don’t do a good job with their social media marketing, then how are they going to do a good job with yours?


2. Don’t work with difficult people.

If you’re going to be hiring an agency, it means you’re going to be working very closely together.  It’s not fun to give the keys to your marketing to someone who doesn’t care or value it.


3. Get proof of their work

I cannot stress this enough, you need to see the quality of their work with your own eyes.  You definitely don’t want to get blindsided with poor service after paying them a big check. Don’t be afraid to shop around a bit to find the perfect fit for your business.




13. Hire an Estimating Firm so You Can Focus More on Social Media Marketing


This is one of our favorites.


One of the most common struggles I see in contractors and home builders is that they’re too focused on running the job and they end up neglecting critical aspects of their business, like estimating and billing projects.


It’s a serious issue and also one that can quickly be solved by hiring an estimating firm.


Having reliable estimators price all your projects instantly frees up so much of your time so you can focus on your social media marketing.


This is a practical way to start focusing on marketing your business and scaling it up!


If you’re interested in hiring an estimating firm, check out what we can do for you here.




14. Network with People of Interest


I’m going to take a page out of the well-known social media personality Garyvee’s book and tell you to follow his $1.80 strategy, to the tee.


Essentially it involves you (or whoever is managing your social media) to personally search for the top 10 hashtags in your industry, find the top 9 posts for each one, and leave your two cents on each one. 90 posts in total times $0.02 equals $1.80, hence why it’s called the $1.80 strategy.


Let’s go over how to do this as a home builder.


Starting off with Instagram, you’re going to start with searching up a relevant hashtag, let’s start with #homebuilder. (this is how it looks on PC)



The next step is to go to each of the top posts and leave a meaningful comment. We don’t want to be spammy or desperate, we’re leaving genuine, relevant comments so we can begin to get noticed and develop connections with the top accounts in the industry.


After leaving a like and comment on each one, move on to the next hashtag and repeat the same process. You can see related hashtags under the “Follow” button which makes your life a lot easier.


Now, let’s check out Facebook.


In exactly the same way, you’re going to search up the same hashtags from Instagram on Facebook. It should look something like this:



Just like with your Instagram networking, you’re going to leave comments on people’s posts and hit 10 hashtags/9 posts a day.


The only difference is that on Facebook, it’s more appropriate for comments to be slightly longer than on Instagram, so keep that in mind.


Last but not least, LinkedIn.


Here you’re going to look up your desired hashtag,



And then click on the timeline for that specific hashtag, which will lead you to something like this:



And just like that, you have a timeline ready for you to scroll and engage your way through.


Whether you’re doing 30 posts for each of the 3 platforms, or you do 90 posts per platform, if you combine that with churning out content on your accounts, your brand will begin to grow steadily over time, and you can even become a leading figure in your area.


Don’t underestimate this strategy because of its simplicity, this is a game-changer for you and your company.




15. Advertise Promotions and Sales


If your home building company is having a special offer, why not tell as many people as possible?


Create an ad on Facebook and start showcasing special offers that are only available for a limited time.


If you need help with setting up Facebook advertising, I recommend hiring a freelancer to manage your ad campaigns to ensure everything is as smooth as possible.




16. Ask Clients to Shoutout Your Company on Social Media


Every time you have a happy home-buyer for your company, you should promote it on your social media.


But everyone does this, so how do we stand out?


By asking the client to promote it on their social media. This kind of praise almost always results in some kind of referrals as people tend to respect the opinions of their friends & family a lot more than a salesperson’s.


Great social media marketing leads to word-of-mouth marketing and having a great brand will maximize your chances of turning that word-of-mouth into revenue for your home building company.






There you have it, my personal top 16 ways to start making more money in a home building business.


The construction industry can be extremely stressful, using social media to your advantage and hiring people can make any contractor’s life much easier.


If you enjoyed our content, feel free to check out some of our other helpful guides.


Did you agree with this list? Have an interesting take?


Feel free to comment below!



Gabriel Perez

Gabriel Perez

Marketing Manager at I AM Builders