bid projects and win

Tired of bidding and not getting clients? Read This ASAP.


Many contractors have a bad habit of bidding jobs and sitting back and crossing their fingers they’ll get it.


With no follow-up.


No pricing adjustment.


And sometimes not even meeting the potential client.


Let’s fix that, read below to finally understand how to bid jobs, and win them.




Why Even Listen to Us?


First of all, why should you even care what we have to say?


I AM Builders is a construction estimating and consulting firm that works with over 900 clients across the U.S and has estimated over $800 million in projects for clients.


We offer an in-depth, completely free blueprint on how to grow any construction business, based on all our own experience in the industry.


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Let’s dive in.




Meet Every Potential Client Before Bidding the Job


Before you send a bid out, you must meet the client.


This is non-negotiable if you want to have the best possible chance to win the job.


We can go about this by having a professional visiting system that allows you to bid most (or all) of your projects only to people likely to give you the job.


Here’s the exact same visiting method we show our clients:


1.  Make a List and Find Leads to Visit/Reach Out To


Get a list of potential clients and create a realistic schedule to visit or reach out to at least 4-5 of them per week.


Remember, it’s all about relationship building, it’s important to free up time in your day to develop those relationships because it’ll supercharge the speed you’ll start securing work.


Here’s how to find leads to visit.


First, head on over to Google Maps.


Next, type any of the following into the search bar:


  • “Type of client” + in city
  • “Type of client” + zip code
  • “Type of client” + near me


Here’s an example. (general contractors + 33009)


general contractors near me


In a matter of seconds you have a list of great potential leads, completely free.


Once you do some quick research on each company to make sure they’re a good fit, create a list and put:


  • Company name
  • Phone number
  • Email(s)
  • Name of the specific person in the company you want to reach out to


A good-sized list should be about 20-30 potential clients. And keep in mind you’re only going to be visiting 4-5 per week.



2.  Introduce Yourself and Give Value


Next, decide how you want to reach out to everyone on your list.


Visiting clients and meeting them face-to-face is always the most effective method, but if for any reason you can’t, then just call instead. And if you can’t visit or call then use email as the last resort.


Now I’ll explain how to introduce yourself to new prospects.


Visiting/Calling the Prospect


If you’re planning on actually visiting the prospect and meeting them face-to-face, then I strongly recommend calling before. You can say something like this on the call:


“Hi John,


I saw you’re working on [insert local project], ….”


After that call, you’ll have their email, and your visit will be expected.


Then, just go down your list of potential clients and repeat the same process.


EXPERT TIP: Try to get a hold of the decision maker ASAP. Make it clear you’re serious about working with their company and also be sure to present your expertise and past work.


Our philosophy here at I AM Builders is that every contractor needs a Select 12 Cluster (S12C). An S12C is your power base of clients. AKA, the people who know you well and you can depend on to give you work consistently.




Call the Architect and Owner to Find Out Who Else Is Bidding the Job (The Title Page Method)


After you bid a job, be sure to contact the architect of the project to introduce yourself and also see who else is bidding the job.


Owners and developers almost always ask for contractor recommendations from architects after they finish the drawings.


“Do you know any good General Contractors?” – Developers


Here’s how to find architects and owners to contact:


  1. Go to your plans and look for the title page/cover sheet.


  1. Look for where it shows the project information. (see below)


title page strategy construction


And here’s how to use that to multiply your chances of winning a job by literally 300%.


1. Call the architect/owner/owner representative/developer and find out the other GCs bidding the job.


2. Reach out to each one of them and submit a bid. Then ask to get on THEIR bid list.


Here’s a quick summary of this strategy any subcontractor looking to grow their business can use.


title page method construction




Adjust Your Pricing Based on Feedback


Once you




Don’t Submit Your Bid Too Early Before the Bid Date (or they’ll use your number to shop around)







Develop a System of Following Up for Every Single Project













Daniel Quindemil


Founder and Senior Estimator at I AM Builders