Last week I stumbled upon the best idea to build new leads and win new projects.

As I was walking in an area called Coconut Grove in Miami, I noticed an Architectural Firm in between some retail spaces and remembered a conversation I had with an architect client recently.

He said one of their biggest struggles as Architects and Interior Designers is Budget Estimating the costs of their projects. They usually come in over-budget and have to redesign at low or no additional cost.

This gives General Contractors a GREAT opportunity here.

Solve the Designer’s problem, and you’ll have new clients for life.  In order to do this, you’ll need to be able to pump out estimates quickly.  One strategy is to use an estimating services company to help you with those bids.

How do you solve their problem?

You offer complimentary budget estimating in the early stages of design.

Most contractors don’t care to offer budget estimates because it’s not a job they are going to be doing anytime soon. But we are going to be different.

Imagine you visit several Design firms and start receiving basic design drawings to give them some basic pricing. As the design progresses, they might even ask you the best method to build certain parts of the project.

Once Construction Drawings are produced, who do you think is going to get the first chance to bid the job? That’s right – YOU!

You will most likely be the only contractor they send the project to. No bidding, no competition, no wasted time.

This is a win-win for you and the Architect and it will ensure they use you as a valuable resource for their projects. It’s not uncommon for Architecture and Interior Design Firms to be working on 10-20 jobs at any given time.

If you establish 10-20 relationships like this, you’ll be signing contracts on tons of new projects.

I hope this helps and we are a valuable resource to you in helping you grow your construction business.

If you have any upcoming projects you need help estimating, feel free to email the plans to me at or you can upload at our website at:

Daniel Quindemil


Founder and Senior Estimator at I AM Builders