Daniel is the Founder and CEO of I AM Builders.  He is an expert and construction management including sales, bidding, estimating, and the building aspects of construction.


He holds a Bachelor of Arts Architecture from Florida International University, Licensed General Contractor, he is a LEED Certified Construction Professional, and he is a member of the Association Society of Professional Estimators.


Daniel has multi-faceted experience working in a variety of roles all in the design and construction fields.   He’s worked as an Architect at award-winning Firm, Fanny Haim & Associates, as an Engineer for a high-end specialty wood-ceiling and wall manufacturer, Rulon International.  He’s also highly experienced in the field having been a Superintendent for Camcon Group, and a Senior Project Manager at a large commercial drywall contractor, Caroni.


Daniel has a passion for digital marketing and computer technology which has led him to create many of the processes that fuel the success of winning projects for clients which include the bid management strategy, he authored the Xplode Strategy Blueprint that our company follows, and he’s his relentless attention to detail in estimating.




Daniel Quindemil


Founder and Senior Estimator at I AM Builders