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The construction industry is a highly competitive market. Being considered for bidding on projects may seem easy because of your excellent marketing team, but what about your online presence? How many potential clients are slipping through the cracks because you are not as recognized as others?


Here are five ways to get on top of the Internet game and be sure that your company is called.




1. Website Recognition

Anyone can build a website, or so they say. Getting the right template, domain and host service takes a bit of technical know-how, but it can be done. There are some awesome websites out there that were built by owners and employees and work perfectly fine. Wix, WordPress and HostGator rated as very good in the industry as choices.
If you are looking for a sensational website that moves quickly and professionally, hiring a web developer will be your best solution. There are different packages that can be bought, depending on your budget. However, purchasing the maintenance package is a must-have. Everything from updating information and constantly protecting you from hackers is worth every dime. Tiffany Cox Design and are a couple of high-end designers for the construction industry.




2. Social Engagement

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are used by many people to get leads on the best of the best. While each one has its own particular clientele, it is a great way to get posted reviews and other comments that would not be normally shared on your website. Hiring someone to keep the news flowing about your construction business and construction, in general, is a great way for people to remember your name. Ask for an email address from visitors so that you can share changes or update new services.




3. Your Website Address

Your company name is your pride and joy. However, it does not have to be used in your website address. For example, Jones General Contracting may be your business name, but difficult for some people to remember when searching for you. Think of a more common name, like or in order for a search engine to bring up construction sites that will provide your name on the first page. Put yourself in the shoes of a customer and think about what they would envision when looking to hire a professional builder.




4. Capitalize on your Niche

If you are becoming known for specialty items like tiny houses, steel fabrications or renovations, go with it. Use these keywords in everything that you write about. Blogs, past projects and amazing results can attract clients like wildfire. Other areas of expertise can include:
• Green Energy
• Solar Power
• Landscaping


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5. Don’t Be Afraid to Brag

If you are great at something, show it off. Pictures on your website, awards earned, newsworthy articles, and praises from customers are great ways to introduce your work to new clients. Visit your competitor websites for ideas on what makes them look great. List organizations that your business belongs to and add the years of experience in the field.


One of the biggest challenges that construction businesses face is staying on top of the changes that need to be made to their website. If you need help in this area, ask for it. A rusty website will present itself in just that way. Hire someone to keep on top of changes, perform proper maintenance, and keep interested parties coming back to your site for more information.
Having an online presence in today’s world is a necessity for competition. However, maintaining your website, interacting with social media, and always working to improve is just as vital. Consider your online presence as a big billboard that people remember each time they pass and hire someone to stay on top of the changing environment. Once you have a solid foundation for your website, it’s time to start looking to automate the user experience on your site. Developing an online presence is an ongoing effort that shouldn’t be forgotten about.

Gabriel Perez

Gabriel Perez

Marketing Manager at I AM Builders