lead gen sites for construction

Every contractor wishes they could get the best, most qualified leads handed to them, but sadly, that’s rarely the case.


Getting high-quality leads for your construction business is going to require a lot of work.


But you already knew that.


As with most aspects of running a company, there are always life-saving loopholes that can make your life easier. Finding new leads every day can be a tedious challenge, but it can be made easier if you know how and where to look for those highly qualified leads that’ll blow up your business.


Making sure that you’re diving deep into the best lead generation platforms money can buy is one of the best approaches to streamline your lead generation.


It may take a while to get listed and set up your profiles on these sites, but if you want more inbound sales activity, you definitely need to be investing resources and valuable time in getting listed where your potential customers are looking.


Here, we’ll bring you the best online platforms for getting listed.


Let’s get into it.






This is a platform where you can list your business on and also manage construction bids, plans, and schedules online all from one place. If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution, this is it.


If you’re a subcontractor, you can easily find, prioritize, and win more bids daily with the easy-to-use navigational functionalities of this platform. You can make use of the new search iSqFt’s Internet Plan Room to look for private and public commercial construction projects in every phase.


To get listed on the site, all you have to do is sign up, buy a package plan, and wait until you start showing up on the first page of results for people looking for your services.






Houzz is a website dedicated to listing professionals in the home improvement sector. It’s become an extremely popular site for people who are looking for ideas for remodeling, as well as for contractors to help with home projects. Much like every other contractor website, Houzz provides the ability to set up a free profile where you can highlight and showcase your work for your company.


By providing samples, previous ratings, and your company’s current estimated price range, you create a good brand and make your company look as professional and reliable as possible. You can set up a professional certified license for your company, and make it stand out.


More than 1.5 million professionals are listed on Houzz. So, this means that if you aren’t listed here, your competitors will be. This gives them the edge over your business.


Houzz averages around 5.4 million visits per month, according to SEMrush’s traffic analysis tool, so there’s no shortage of attention that can come to your business.


Keep in mind that this is a more photo-centered platform, so if you have pictures of your staff or services to post, it can definitely provide great listing potential for your contracting business.






HomeAdvisor is still a super popular and growing place to be listed as a contractor business. The new competitors may have a higher visitor ratio and bigger database, but HomeAdvisor is still up there when it comes to sites that can bring you leads


The total traffic to the website is about 2-3 million a month (SEMRush). HomeAdvisor is well-known for generating high-quality leads and feedback from this platform. Many residential contractors even get most of their business from this site.


Its user interface is very effective for marketing your business as well. HomeAdvisor ratings are currently being advertised for a one-two-punch deal with Google Business pages. This is a big deal for a contractor’s business, since your business will be shown in two places: HomeAdvisor and Google Pages. The more leads the better right?


You can easily set up a Home Advisor Pro account free of charge and unlock the potential of another massive platform where homeowners are searching for contractors based on their zip code.




The Bluebook


The Bluebook is regarded as one of the biggest databases online for contractors. It has rightfully earned its place, as it showcases the biggest database ever for all your construction management or remodeling work.


However, one of the drawbacks is that Bluebook may be banned in some countries due to some legal purposes. It’s banned in the majority of Asian countries, but as long as you live in the US, this shouldn’t be a problem.


The Bluebook is an old-school website where you can search using zip code, genre, or company name. Then, it gives you results of user profiles showing detailed historys of each company.


If you want to quickly attract more leads for your construction company, then Bluebook is right for you. It has everything you need, and the account set up and the registration process is simple and easy to handle. It is user-intuitive and offers a wide variety of benefits for subcontractors and general contractors alike.






Dodge is not only a website for contractors, but it is also widely regarded as a powerful online analytics and data management system. It has got everything you need from the latest pricing to modern architectural practices. You can list your website here and use their modern analytics tool to enhance your business and be the front and center of your trade. The official website is  Construction.com.


Dodge is a McGraw Hill Financial subsidiary, but it mainly functions independently on its own. Dodge operates in conjunction with Dodge Data & Analytics through Dodge Global Network and offers a huge all-in-one construction management and bidding platform for all kinds of contractors.


Dodge offers impressive quantities of data to users that can be used to find the right projects. In addition to helping users find the right projects, it can also offer enterprise and project data analysis to improve user projects.


Moreover, you should know that giant corporations and multi-national companies use this website for their use. This gives you a chance to not only showcase your projects and prowess in front of the common homeowners but also in front of big corporations who are looking for someone capable enough to work on big projects.






Finding the right contractor is not an easy task for homeowners. As a contractor, you can make it easier for them by listing yourself on as many residential and private construction platforms as possible.


Nowadays, Houzz and Yelp are the cream of the crop in the residential contracting world. Houzz offers a modernistic approach towards age-old construction practices, whereas Yelp offers a more balanced way of presenting your company.


There are other platforms, such as iSqft and Dodge, which are both household names in the construction industry. They are trying to offer a wide range of useful and relevant offers to their contractors and consumers alike. These analytics and marketing tools help you evaluate the industry before finalizing on your bidding systems and construction projects. As a contractor, this can not only help you in front of homeowners but also help you in winning commercial, residential, and government bids for your company. These all-in-one solutions comes in handy and helps you enhance your online visibility in front of your target client.


While on the other side of the coin, there are other websites, such as HomeAdvisor and The Bluebook, which offer an older approach towards contractors listing, that are much more simple and easy-to-use, that still can give massive results. So you know that clients newer to the game with little to no construction experience will still be able to connect with your organization on these platforms.


Maximum potential is achieved by maximum exposure. Your organization and construction company needs to be listed on every major platform if you are thinking of expanding your company to the biggest it can possibly be.


Gabriel Perez

Gabriel Perez

Marketing Manager at I AM Builders